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Keeley Lowe

Keeley Lowe (b. 1976) is a Visual Artist who lives and works in Birmingham.  Her practice explores notions of perception through a variety of media, in particular by using processes and materials that assist in the exploration of natural and artificial light.  Built on and inspired by binary logic, her installation work evokes thoughts of internal and external forces.  Recent exhibitions include The Custard Factory (Birmingham) and International Project Space (Birmingham).   She returned to education in 2006 where she studied Visual Art at Birmingham City University and graduated with first class honours in 2009.  As a recent graduate she was offered her first solo show at Solihull Gallery (Solihull) where she developed new work to be exhibited from Jan – March, 2010.  As part of the show, she ran a series of workshops for pupils from a local secondary school exploring the theme ‘positive and negative forms’.  In 2009, she became part of Live Brief, a newly formed collective that explore alternative ways of engaging with the public on art projects in the community.  Currently the group’s coordinator, she is making challenging new work through a range of participatory methods that will be exhibited as part of a group showcase in 2011.