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Saranjit Birdi

Website: www.saranjitbirdi.com

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: 07956 972453

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Born 1960 in Punjab, India.

Lived in UK from 1965, trained and worked as an architect 1979-2004 and established a professional arts practice in 2000. Concurrently trained and performed jazz-street-contemporary dance and jazz percussion.


I am inspired by Dance, Music, Architecture and dynamic form. I search for a synthesis of form often incorporating poetry.


My work explores mark-making, duration and sensation  using drawing, painting, digital photography and collage, film and performance. My recent works investigate limitations and boundaries such as physical disability, social exclusion, territory, stereotyping and freedom.


Drawing on experiences as jazz percussionist, architect and dancer, I work with a range of media including performance and installations. I have completed several public art and sculpture commissions and my collaborations with other artists have included light and buildings, dance-on-film and theatre.


I am available for public or private commissions (sculpture and portraiture), tutoring, workshops with disability groups and Arts in Health.